Nik Bärtsch´s Ronin Llyrìa | ECM 2178 | ECM Records



The new album is named for Llyrìa, the luminous, mysterious creatures that live in the ocean’s depths, for Bärtsch a metaphor for the music: “We keep casting our nets in the same waters – and sometimes we find forms that are completely surprising, even to us.”

For six years Ronin has maintained a Monday night residency at a Zurich club (first the underground club Bacillus, latterly Bärtsch’s own club Exil). In October they will celebrate their 300th Zürich concert. The event will be integrated into Ronin’s international Autumn touring activities, which include gigs in France, Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Japan as well. Concert activity extends into 2011, with a tour of the Netherlands and the US in the new year.

Attention will be further drawn to Bärtsch and Ronin when “Sounds and Silence”, the Norbert Wiedmer/Peter Guyer film about producer Manfred Eicher is shown in the cinemas of central Europe. The film, which premiered at last year’s Locarno festival, includes studio sequences with Bärtsch and Ronin.