Jon Balke / Batagraf | SAY AND PLAY | ECM 2245

Jon Balke / Batagraf | SAY AND PLAY | ECM 2245
ECM 2245October 2011

Jon Balke: piano, keyboards, electronics, tungoné, darbouka, percussion
Helge Andreas Norbakken: sabar, gorong, djembe, talking drum, shakers, percussion
Emilie Stoesen Christensen: vocals
Erland Dahlen: drums
Torgeir Rebolledo Pedersen: poetry reading

Batagraf is a percussion think tank, a constellation of players researching the outer parameters of rhythmic music. Inspired by techniques and traditions from West African Wolof music, the group explores new polyphonic textures. The relation between language and rhythm is constantly being investigated in Batagraf, the collective centered around the collaboration between Helge Norbakken and Jon Balke.