Wolfert Brederode Quartet | Post Scriptum | ECM 2184



The second album from Dutch pianist Wolfert Brederode’s international band – with clarinettist Claudio Puntin and drummer Samuel Rohrer from Switzerland, and Norwegian bassist Mats Eilertsen – builds upon the achievements of 2006’s “Currents”, a recording which netted much positive press. In the UK’s Jazz Journal, Michael Tucker spoke of “a patiently and intelligently shaped” album, noting that “the currents here are mostly deep and slow-moving, sometimes practically hypnotic in their ebb and flow.”

“Currents” was the beginning of the story. Four years of collaborative work have seen conceptual considerations overtaken by what leader Brederode calls “a very natural way of working together”: “There’s little need for discussion now when a new piece is brought in. Each player has found his role inside the ensemble. Not in terms of soloing but in taking responsibility for a part of the whole musical picture.”

There is no jostling for solo space in this line-up, the goal is to serve the compositions: “As we play the music one of us may be ‘featured’ or come to the fore in a particular piece, but these things arise spontaneously, and change constantly.”

Recorded at Studios la Buissonne in Pernes-les-Fontaines near Avignon, “Post Scriptum” features nine pieces composed by Wolfert Brederode, and three by Mat Eilertsen; Samuel Rohrer and Claudio Puntin contribute a tune apiece to the album’s repertoire.