Cyminology | Saburi | ECM 2164 | ECM Records



The multicultural aggregation that is Cyminology could perhaps only have been formed in Berlin. Born to Iranian parents in Braunschweig, Germany, in 1976, Cymin Samawatie was raised bilingually, and as a child spent part of each year in Iran. Her idea of making the Persian language a focus of her work was first developed while she was studying at Berlin’s Hochschule der Kunst.

Pianist Benedikt Jahnel, born 1980 in France, grew up near Munich, moving to Berlin in 2000. His teachers have included John Taylor, Richie Beirach and Kenny Werner. He has toured with leading international musicians including Charlie Mariano and Phil Woods, and is active also with his own trio.

Percussionist Ketan Bhatti, born in New Delhi, India in 1981, grew up in Bielefeld. Touring as a drummer since he was 14, he has been active in projects from reggae and hip-hop to jazz as both musician and producer, and also writes music for theatre productions.

Bassist Ralf Schwarz, born in 1971, grew up, like Cymin, in Braunschweig, and played organ and guitar before switching to double-bass and electric bass a decade ago. Through lessons and workshops with jazz masters like Ron Carter, Steve Coleman, Mark Dresser, Mark Helias, Richie Beirach and Billy Hart he has had the opportunity to refine and develop his skills.