Food | Mercurial Balm | ECM 2269

Food | Mercurial Balm | ECM 2269
ECM 2269November 2012

Thomas Strønen: drums, electronics
Iain Ballamy: saxophones, electronics
Christian Fennesz: guitar, electronics
Eivind Aarset: guitar, electronics
Prakash Sontakke: slide-guitar, vocal
Nils Petter Molvær: trumpet

The Food team of Norwegian drummer Strønen and British saxophonist Ballamy continues to invite guests to bring something to the table. The form-and-texture conscious improvisations here are drawn from live performances in Norway, England and Germany and studio sessions at Oslo’s Rainbow. To the latter group belong tracks on which Indian slide guitarist and singer Prakash Sontakke is partnered by Eivind Aarset’s atmospheric guitar and electronics. The first half of the album finds Food augmented by Austrian guitarist Christian Fennesz, taking further the experiments with layers of sound begun on "Quiet Inlet". Nils Petter Molvær joins Strønen, Ballamy and Fennesz for a track recorded at Mannheim’s Enjoy Jazz Festival.