Paolo Fresu/A Filetta/Daniele di Bonaventura Mistico Mediterraneo | ECM 2203 | ECM Records - French



Sketches of Corsica, the Mediterranean and the wider world abound in this fascinating collaboration between lyrical Italian jazz improvisers Paolo Fresu, Daniele di Bonaventura and vocal ensemble A Filetta. “Mistico Mediterraneo” is the first documentation of an alliance that has been gathering momentum for a few years already; it is also the ECM debut of the Corsican singers.

In October 2006, Fresu and Italian bandoneonist Daniele di Bonaventura, along with two other jazz improvisers (saxophonist André Jaume and percussionist Philippe Biondi), were invited by stage director Francis Aïqui for a celebratory event in Ajaccio’s L’Aghja theatre, establishing a basis for further collaboration. Over the last four years the musicians have fine-tuned the song cycle now known as “Mistico Mediterraneo”.