Konstantia Gourzi | Music for piano and string quartet | ECM New Series 2309

Konstantia Gourzi | Music for piano and string quartet | ECM New Series 2309
ECM New Series 2309October 2014

Lorenda Ramou: piano

Ensemble Coriolis
Heather Cottrell: violin
Susanna Pietsch: violin
Klaus-Peter Werani: viola
Hanno Simons: violoncello

Athens-born and Munich-based composer Konstantia Gourzi makes her ECM New Series label debut. “What historical voices commingle in the current idiom of a composer whose cultural roots lie in the birthplace of rhetoric, but who emigrated to take a musical apprenticeship in European constructivism?” asks Ingrid Allwardt in the liner notes. “What wordless airs, echoes of past ages, thread their way into the present day of her instrumental songs?” Music for piano and string quartet, supplies the answers. With the exception of the early „noch fürcht’ ich”, composed in 1993, all the music is of recent vintage. It includes a number of piano miniatures, pieces dedicated to Lachenmann, Kurtág, Raue, Abbado, Barenboim and Rexroth, two string quartets, and works for string quartet and piano. Pianist Lorenda Ramou and the Ensemble Coriolis deliver committed performances. The album was recorded in Munich’s Himmelfahrtskirche in 2012, and produced by Manfred Eicher.