Giovanni Guidi Trio - This Is The Day - ECM 2403


João Lobo came out from the school of the Hot Club de Portugal in Lisbon before moving to The Hague. Like Giovanni Guidi, he played with Enrico Rava in 2002 at Siena Jazz and the Guido-Lobo association has been firm since. In line with the great jazz piano trios of the post-Bill Evans period, Guidi emphasizes the total independence of the players, but never to the detriment of the structural strength of the songs, whose elegant proportions are underlined by the gaunt phrasing of the musicians, intent on drawing the maximum meaning and effect from each carefully placed sound: exemplary in this regard is "Trilly" the opening track resubmitted in a subtly changed variation in the course of the album.

“What I really admire about Thomas and João is the depth and intensity with which they approach music of any kind,” says Guidi. “All the pieces that I write for this group are written with them in mind. Thinking about the characteristics of their playing – free, direct, profound

and with a strong emotive element – I try to bring these qualities also into the music that I write.”

As the group deepens its poetic language, it is able to turn with rapidity from the soothing melodic qualities of a song like "Game Of Silence" to the fragmented dialogues of "Cobweb" and to dissonant or wildly rhythmic passages like those of "The Debate". In contrast to the debut album there is also an opening up to the world of standards, a meditative version of "Quizas Quizas Quizas" (associated most of all with Nat King Cole) undergoes a thorough transformation and in "I'm Through With Love" they explore the rhythms and harmonies of a song that has fascinated creative musicians since the 1930s when Mildred Bailey made it her own.

With This Is The Day, Giovanni Guidi, barely thirty years old, reconfirms his position as the outstanding Italian jazz pianist of his generation, a contemporary improvising player looking deeply into the implications of melody.