Marc Sinan | HASRETIM – Journey to Anatolia | ECM 2330-31 CD/DVD

Marc Sinan | HASRETIM – Journey to Anatolia | ECM 2330-31 CD/DVD
ECM 2330-31 CD/DVDAugust 2013

Marc Sinan
HASRETIM – Journey to Anatolia

Hasretim (“My Longing”) is a multi-media exploration of musical roots, and a musical search for cultural identity.

In 2009, Guitarist and composer Marc Sinan embarked on an unusual journey, its route leading from the Black Sea coast, where his grandparents lived, to the Armenian border. En route he located and filmed traditional musicians, players whose craft is dying today, capturing a music that speaks of restlessness and temperament, and bears the footprints of Anatolia’s cultural and ethnic diversity. In Hasretim, Marc Sinan’s musical findings are integrated into his own contemporary music for mixed ensemble (orchestrated and arranged by Andrea Molino) with Turkish and Armenian guests. Premiered as a “musical installation for orchestra and video documents”, Hasretim received an award from the German UNESCO Commission in 2011. The present CD/DVD package incorporates two full length (audio and DVD) performances of Hasretim, plus the field recordings made by Sinan and Dresdner Sinfoniker director Markus Rindt on their journey, which open a window on a fascinating musical world.

The concert recording is from the Schleswig-Holstein Musikfestival 2011. The DVD includes the premiere performance at Hellerau Festspiel-haus in 2010, videos of traditional musicians from Anatolia, background information and a photo gallery.