Marc Sinan | HASRETIM – Journey to Anatolia | ECM 2330-31 CD/DVD



Guitarist/composer Marc Sinan was born in 1976, to a Turkish-Armenian mother and a German father. He has appeared on international concert stages since his youth. He studied at the Mozarteum Salzburg – with teachers including Eliot Fisk and Joaquín Clerch – and at the New England Conservatory of Music, and subsequently taught a guitar class at the Music Academy Augsburg as assistant to Franz Halasz. In 1994 he issued his first album “A Royal Christmas – Marc Sinan and the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra” on Polydor. Compositions dedicated to him include Jörg Widmann’s “Entschwebung for guitar and electronics”. In the last decade, he has emphasized trans-cultural collaborations with artists including Iranian kamanche player Kayhan Kalhor and Turkish percussionist Burhan Öçal. His ECM debut “Fasil” was a collaboration with German jazz pianist and composer Julia Hülsmann and author Marc Schiffer.

In 2010 he composed “Hasretim” for 20 musicians and video projection. In November 2011 his chamber music study “Oksus” for guitar, clarinet, harpsichord, drums and video projection premiered in Berlin. He is currently working on a major music theatre piece, “Dede Korkut” for orchestra, video and contemporary dance. “Dede Korkut” continues the collaboration between Sinan and the Dresdner Sinfoniker.