Wolfgang Rihm - Et Lux - ECM New Series 2404

Wolfgang Rihm - Et Lux - ECM New Series 2404
ECM New Series 2404Release: March 2015

Et Lux – for vocal ensemble and string quartet (2009)

Paul van Nevel: conductor

Huelgas Ensemble

Axelle Bernage, Sabine Lutzenberger: sopran
Terry Wey, Achim Schulz: tenor
Stefan Berghammer, Matthew Vine: tenor
Tim Whitheley, Guillaume Olry: bass

Minguet Quartett

Ulrich Isfort: violin
Annette Reisinger: violin
Aroa Sorin: viola
Matthias Diener: violoncello

Wolfgang Rihm’s Et Lux is an alluring and timeless work for vocal ensemble and string quartet, here beautifully performed by the Belgian Huelgas Ensemble and Germany’s Minguet Quartett (who have worked extensively with the composer). Written in 2009 Et Lux emerges as if from centuries ago, and reflects upon the musical processes that have shaped it, including the ritual of the requiem: “What we have is not music remembered but music remembering.” Et Lux incorporates text fragments of the Latin Requiem Mass, which appear as components of a progressively realized whole. “Great significance is displayed by the reappearance of specific groups of words, for example ‘et lux perpetua luceat’ (and let perpetual light shine upon them). Through circling reflection the comforting yet disturbing meaning of the words may become perceptible.” Reviewing the premiere performance the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung praised the work’s interwoven musical and linguistic elements. Et Lux was recorded in February 2014 in Antwerp. The CD booklet includes an introductory statement by Wolfgang Rihm, and liner notes by Paul Griffiths and Wolfgang Schreiber.