Terje Rypdal - Crime Scene - ECM 2041

Terje Rypdal - Crime Scene - ECM 2041
ECM 2041April 2010

Terje Rypdal: electric guitar
Palle Mikkelborg
: trumpet
Ståle Storløkken: Hammond B-3 organ
Paolo Vinaccia: drums, sampling
Bergen Big Band directed by Olav Dale

An exciting departure for ECM veteran Rypdal, this extended work, commissioned for the 2009 Bergen Festival, begins with a sound of swirling massed horns likely to bring Coltrane to mind. There is more than a hint of “Ascension” in the opening moments of “Crime Scene”, a work paced like a mystery thriller. The music surrounds the Rypdal quartet with Mikkelborg, Storløkken and Vinaccia (all of whom recently appeared on the critically-acclaimed “Vossabrygg”) with a 17-piece jazz big band and keeps the action moving at a fast pace. Allaboutjazz reviewed the Bergen premiere: “Rypdal was in fine form...Whether he was playing with a slide or his fingers, his ice-edged tone was instantly recognizable. As was Mikkelborg's, who played trumpet (muted with a Harmon mute at times) and flugelhorn, and making clear his own reference point in Miles Davis...”