Third Reel | ECM 2314

Third Reel | ECM 2314
ECM 2314March 2013

Nicolas Masson: tenor saxophone, clarinet
Roberto Pianca: guitar
Emanuele Maniscalco: drums

A collaborative group brimming with creative potential, Third Reel packs much musical information into the sixteen vividly expressive tracks of its debut album. Trio members Nicolas Masson, Roberto Pianca and Emanuele Maniscalco are committed improvisers and gifted writers, each with a distinct compositional signature. The contrasts, and a shared sensitivity for space, shape the group’s sonic identity. Each member of this Swiss-Italian trio is a bandleader is his own right but the cooperative Third Reel is a priority for all of them. Conceived as a trio without bass from the outset – “it means more responsibility for each player, as well as more risk-taking” – Third Reel went through various drummers until Pianca brought along Emanuele Maniscalco in 2010 (drummer and guitarist had previously collaborated in the band Food Chain). Third Reel celebrates the release of its album with concerts in Brescia (March 20), Geneva (March 21), Lugano (March 22) and Biasca (March 23). An extended European tour is in preparation for October and November.