Colin Vallon / Patrice Moret / Samuel Rohrer Rruga | ECM 2185| ECM Records



This is a piano trio whose gifted leader is influenced, he says, more by singers than pianists, and the group ‘sings’ in its own unique way – with an emphasis on melody, texture, shading, and dynamics. Restraint is a watchword: demonstrative, soloistic flights are avoided. This is group music that builds tension through restraint, until eruptive energies can no longer be resisted. One of the inspirational sources here is music of the Caucasus. In their pieces Vallon and company sometimes draw directly on music of the region. The collective composition “Iskar”, for instance, named for the river that runs through Sofia, references “Le Mystère Des Voix Bulgares”. “Rruga” itself derives its momentum from a Turkish rhythm by Erkan Oğur. “Meral”, too, is influenced by Turkish folk music. These are some of the colours that inform this jazz trio. But there are also many other elements at work – Patrice Moret’s tune “Telepathy”, for instance is inspired by Radiohead.